Each week, you have 168 hours total for all the parts of your life. And as you age, more things will compete for your precious time. Answer the questions below to get a sense of how much time you dedicate to each part of your life and how you might make time for college.

First let's cover the basics...On average, how many hours do you sleep each night?

After all that sleep (or lack of sleep), you must be hungry. How much time do you spend eating each day?

Now that food and sleep are taken care of, let's think about school. How many hours are you in school each day? (Monday through Friday, during the school year)

OK... school is over, but you probably have some homework. How many hours each day (including weekends) does homework take?

You're finally done with school and homework. Now what about extracurricular activities? How much time do you spend a day with sports teams, band, clubs, student council, etc.?