Early College

CCV’s Early College program allows you to spend your entire senior year at CCV earning college credits, finishing your high school diploma, and getting a jump on your college degree, tuition-free! (Students are responsible for all textbook costs and applicable fees. Students may be eligible for financial aid through VSAC to cover fees, books, and other expenses.) Students in this program enroll full-time during both the fall and spring semesters at any of CCV’s 12 academic centers.

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  1. Apply for admission by the following deadlines: Priority – May 1; Final – August 7, 2024. This step must be completed by all Early College applicants, including current Dual Enrollment, Intro to College & Careers, and Fast Forward students. The Early College application includes the following checklist items:
    • the Educator Recommendation form, completed by your school counselor, teacher, CCV advisor, or CCV faculty who has worked with you academically and can speak to your abilities (parents/guardians/family members may not complete this form)
    • the Graduation Requirements form, completed by your high school counselor, or your parent/guardian/program supervisor if you are a home study student
    • the Principal Assurance form, requested by the individual completing the Graduation Requirements form and completed by your high school principal, or your parent/guardian/program supervisor if you are a home study student
    • official copies of all high school transcripts (submitted to CCV directly by your school), and
    • an essay uploaded to your Application Status page after application submission, using the following prompt: Entering the Early College program at CCV involves withdrawing from your high school and taking a full-time schedule of college courses. In an essay of one to two pages, explain how you know you are ready for this challenge and how you plan to be successful if accepted into the program.
  2. Complete the Accuplacer assessment (or submit official score reports for SAT or ACT assessments meeting college benchmarks)

Soon after your completed application is received, you will be contacted regarding your status in the Early College program. If accepted, you will then work with your school counselor and CCV advisor to enroll full-time in college courses.

Students must apply and be ready to enroll in full-time, college-level coursework. Contact Brianna Langevin, CCV Admissions Specialist (brianna.langevin@ccv.edu, 802-334-3388) for more information.

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