Offered at CCV locations, online, and some high schools, ICC helps students:

  • Set goals and problem-solve
  • Manage time and stress
  • Improve communication skills
  • Take better notes and reduce test anxiety
  • Plan finances for college
  • Build confidence
  • Explore career options

Another cool thing about ICC is that it’s a risk-free pass/fail class, and many high schools award high school credit to students who successfully complete the course. ICC also gives you study skills that you can use right away in your high school classes.

Sign up & Get Going

  • Browse the ICC course schedule.
  • Ask your school counselor if ICC is offered at your high school or technical center.
  • Apply. CCV’s admissions process is simple and free, and you can apply online. (You’ll need your social security number to complete the application form.) You’ll be able to request your ICC course on the application.

So this won’t impact my GPA?

Nope! Totally risk-free.