Vermont high school juniors and seniors are eligible for two free classes at CCV using their Dual Enrollment vouchers.

Wondering what classes to take? Make sure to select a course that is listed on your Personal Learning Plan and that will be approved by your high school counselor. Also, consider picking a course that will transfer easily to any college as part of your general education requirements, or choose a course in a field you might want for a career or a major when you go to college.

Some high schools offer on-site Dual Enrollment courses. These are called Concurrent Enrollment courses. These courses are taught by high school teachers and are held during the school day. Concurrent Enrollment courses earn both college and high school credit and are free to students using vouchers. Ask your school counselor if Concurrent Enrollment courses are offered at your school.

To learn more, contact a CCV advisor to enroll in classes offered at a CCV center or online. Click here for the course schedule.

Sign Up & Get Going

If you are new to CCV, apply for admission. CCV’s admissions process is simple and free, and you can apply online. (You’ll need your social security number to complete the application form.) To sign up for a CCV dual enrollment course, contact your nearest CCV center.

To apply for a voucher for your free courses, including Dual Enrollment, Concurrent Enrollment, and Fast Forward, you need to create a student account on the Vermont Agency of Education Website. You’ll want to do this to get the free tuition. Go to: Once you create your account, which will be verified by your high school counselor, you can login and request vouchers for free courses.

Astronomy, anyone?

So many classes to choose from.