Early College

You know who you are, what you want, and what you’re capable of—you’re a high school senior ready to make the jump to college. Now you can participate in Early College, which allows you to take your senior year of high school at CCV. Do your entire senior year of high school at CCV and earn free college credits that also count as credits toward graduating from high school.

Early College Certificate Program

Vermont high school class of 2023: complete a career certificate during your Early College year! The Vermont Community Foundation is offering a $1,000 stipend to each Early College student who enrolls in one of five certificate programs: cybersecurity fundamentals, graphic design, IT service desk specialist, digital media production, or childcare

Stipends can be used to help cover the cost of books, materials, transportation, food, fees, or other non-academic expenses.

Sign Up & Get Going

If you are a rising Vermont high school senior, CCV’s Early College program allows you to spend your entire senior year at CCV earning college credits, finishing your high school diploma, and getting a jump on your college degree, tuition free! (Students are responsible for all textbook costs and applicable fees.) Students in this program enroll full-time at any of CCV’s 12 academic centers.